Drinking rainwater could be deadly, scientists claim

Scientists from Stockholm University published a new study that highlights the alarming fact that drinking rainwater could have some serious health hazards as it is not safe to drink anymore. The team of researchers found that the rainwater contains harmful levels of PFAs (Polyfluoroalkyl) chemicals that are toxic to human health.


PFAs also known as ‘forever chemicals’ as the name suggests, have a slow disintegrating ability that can take a significant amount of time to break down. These chemicals were discovered in shampoos, packaging, and makeup products. Humans can have health-related issues such as itching, rashes, and skin allergies when exposed to these chemicals. A study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2017 found evidence that PFAs are associated with emerging cancer in many cases. 

The lead researcher of the study Ian Cousin alarmed that now rainwater is not fit for drinking and said, “According to the measurements that we have taken, there is nowhere on Earth where the rain would be safe to drink.”