India lost 2.3 million lives from pollution in 2019 says Lancet study

According to a new Lancet study, more than 2.3 million Indians died prematurely in 2019 making it the highest among the other countries. The latest Lancet Commission on pollution and health report laid out some shocking numbers highlighting that about 9 million people lost their lives due to pollution.


The report highlighted that globally more than 6.7 million were killed by air pollution including both indoor and outdoor pollution in 2019. Out of the total numbers, air pollution killed about 1.6 million people in India only. Water pollution was responsible for about 1.4 million deaths and lead pollution killed 9,00,000 the report added.

It has been stated that most deaths were recorded in low and middle-income countries. India is among the most polluted countries in the world but the recent efforts of the Indian government are also praised in the report. The report mentioned the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana that is aiming to reduce the usage of wood-burning in cooking in the rural areas and swap it with the LPG cylinders. “There are instruments and regulatory powers to mitigate pollution sources but there is no centralised system to drive pollution control efforts and achieve substantial improvements in the country”, the report said.