Eco-friendly Air Fresheners: Step Towards Healthcare Using Waste

As the greater threat of climate change looms, people like Rajiv Kumar Sharma are leading a revolution from their kitchen worktops. In the middle of aromatic breakthroughs and eco-conscious endeavors, Rajiv's journey with ALVE air fresheners represents a profound harmony between human inventiveness and the environment.

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In the heart of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, where the Sharma family lives, a new journey began amid the threat of COVID-19. To battle the overwhelming odours and germs, they turned to air fresheners and sanitizers, as did many other houses across the country. 


In 2022, Rajiv Kumar Sharma, a member of the Sharma family, became seriously ill. His body revolted with spells of vomiting, nausea, and pounding migraines, confining him to a hospital bed for two agonizing days. Determined to find the source of his unexpected illness, Rajiv started on a search for answers, eventually connecting his failing health back to the harmless air fresheners that filled his home.

According to ScienceDirect, air fresheners release over a hundred chemicals into the air we breathe, including volatile organic compounds. These seemingly innocent fragrances can cause a cascade of health problems, ranging from splitting headaches to respiratory difficulties.

Rajiv, an artisan at heart, used his expertise in carpentry and a dash of imagination to create a solution. Armed with woodworking equipment and a desire for change, he set out to create a natural alternative to chemical-laden air fresheners. Rajiv created a lovely blend with discarded jasmine and rose petals, inspired by the floral remnants of a nearby temple.

Rajiv's mentors at the National Institute of Design in Andhra Pradesh learned about his eco-friendly idea. They banded together in their pursuit of sustainable living to improve Rajiv's invention, which is now known as ALVE air fresheners.

Rajiv and his mother, Sonidevi, work tirelessly in their tiny kitchen to foster their fledgling firm. With each passing day, ALVE's aroma permeates the air, touching the lives of over 850 customers and generating a praiseworthy revenue of Rs 2 lakh.

Rajiv's foray into entrepreneurship was not a sudden epiphany, but the product of a lifetime of experimenting with concepts. Rajiv's creative spirit knew no limitations, from designing custom PPE kits to making wheelchairs for injured dogs as part of the Jharkhand Animal Welfare Society.

Rajiv, driven by a passion for change, went deeply into the art of fragrance-making. His adventure began with a simple mixer and a pile of wilted flowers, culminating in the creation of ALVE's trademark scent. Rajiv and Sonidevi persevered despite numerous setbacks, developing over 20 prototypes before finding gold.

ALVE air fresheners demonstrate their constant commitment to sustainability. Each unit is made of biodegradable materials and laced with temple floral remains for an eco-friendly design. ALVE ushers in a new era of intelligent air filtration, complete with smart sensors and Google Assistant compatibility. According to its designer, ALVE represents the alveoli in our lungs, which are small sacs that sustain life itself. Just as these sacs promote the flow of important gases, ALVE wants to bring life into every house, one fragrance at a time. Rajiv Sharma's ALVE goes beyond business to embody a vision for a sustainable future.

However, ALVE's impact extends beyond consumerism, providing a lifeline to our planet's silent residents. Rajiv's collaboration with local temples not only repurposes flower waste but also promotes animal welfare. Rajiv's work with the Jharkhand Animal Welfare Society aims to reduce the negative consequences of human activity on our furry friends.

As ALVE Green Solutions embarks on its first journey, Rajiv's vision of a better, greener future grows brighter. Rajiv feels that with the support of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, he can propel ALVE to success. Today, ALVE is more than just a device; it is a light of hope for a society in which clean air is a fundamental right rather than a luxury.

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