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Delhi government agrees to impose complete lockdown to curb air pollution

The AAP government today has informed the Supreme Court that it is ready to necessary steps such as imposing a complete lockdown to curb the air pollution in the capital.

Spain introduces ‘Crying Room’ to mitigate stigma around mental health

Spain introduced a peculiar approach to spread awareness and to address the stigma around mental health by setting up a building named ‘La Lloreria’ or the “Crying Room” in Central Madrid.

Campaign for school children organized by ICAR-CRIJAF

The ICAR-CRI organized a campaign for school children to create awareness on agriculture and the environment

Carbon emissions from steel

The Indian steel industry, one of the world’s largest and also one of the biggest drivers of India’s growth, is faced with an achillean paradox. Being one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, it is also one of the most carbon intensive sectors. Amidst the global push to cut down emissions, it faces a unique challenge and opportunity to significantly cut the emissions in coming years. India is the largest carbon emitter after the United States and China and has pledged to go carbon neutral by 2070, and to increase the share of renewable energy to 50% by 2030.In 2015, the steel industry accounted for 6% of the global greenhouse emissions, if it were a country it would have been the 5th largest polluter in the world after the USA, China, the European Union and India. Even with such a large footprint, it's largely been exempted because of its importance in driving India's growth and economy.

Hyderabad based firm to invest Rs 5000 crores in waste management projects

Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited (REEL) a Hyderabad based firm deals in environment management solutions have rebranded itself as Re Sustainability Ltd and announced to invest about Rs 5,000 crore over the next three years in doubling its waste management capacities.

Mumbai becomes India's First City with a Climate Action Plan

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has unveiled MCAP or Mumbai Climate Action Plan, a climate action project that is first of its kind in India, it’ll be aimed at decreasing carbon emissions, switching to renewables etc.

Occidental to Remove 1 Million Ton of Carbon dioxide from the Atmosphere Every Year

Investopedia defines ‘carbon credit’ as a permit that allows the owner to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. One credit permits the emission of one ton of carbon dioxide or the equivalent in other greenhouse gases. Occidental Petroleum has made public its plans to advance its clean energy transition business, it’ll spend $800 million and $1 billion on a carbon dioxide removing facility, it’ll suck carbon dioxide from air.

Cairo to have eco-friendly lanterns this Eid

The Egyptian authorities have announced that this Eid there will be an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional lanterns as they are environmentally harmful.

Ayodhya To Become Climate Smart City

India’s northern plains are one of the most densely populated regions in the world, and also the most polluted. Ayodhya– the holy city of Hindus is an important spot for religious and political reasons. The state government wants to develop it as a ‘climate smart city’.

India - Denmark Stress on Sustainable Development

“During our discussions, we reviewed the joint work plan for the Green Strategic Partnership. I am happy that significant progress has been made in various fields, especially in the areas of renewable energy, health, ports, shipping, circular economy and water management,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Urgent need for innovative financing tools to achieve sustainable development: Egypt’s International Cooperation Minister

Egypt’s International Cooperation Minister Rania Al-Mashat emphasized the need for adequate financing tools to achieve the climate action goals. She highlighted that one of the main obstacles to the climate action targets is the lack of climate financing.

Will Carbon Pricing Help Climate Change

Putting a price on carbon is seen to be an effective measure against reckless burning of fossil fuel. Pennsylvania became the first state in the United States to adopt a carbon pricing mechanism to address climate change.

India’s ‘One World,One Grid’ dream

India along with the UK launched ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ (OSOWOG) initiative at the COP 26 Climate Meet in Glasgow. This project is about setting a trans-national electricity grid to generate and supply solar power across the world. It is an initiative of ISA( International Solar Alliance), which is an alliance of 121 countries which receive good sunlight throughout most of the year. The ISA was first proposed by the Indian prime minister in 2015 in his speech in London. The World Bank’s technical assistance team is supposed to design the blueprint print for the project. The vision behind One Sun One world One grid(OSOWOG) is that the sun never sets on earth, there is always some place where the sun is shining and that can be utilized to generate energy.

Indore’s central jail prisoners made eco-friendly Lord Ganesha idols

In an attempt to build a sustainable environment, Indore’s Central Jail prisoners developed eco-friendly Ganesha idols. The unique idols are made from clay with a seed of fruits or flower plants in the centre. The report published by ANI reported that the Central Jail Superintendent, Dr Alka Sonkar mentioned that these idols made by the prisoners have seeds immersed in them and they can be used to plant trees after the Ganesha Chaturthi.

Sustainable finance for a sustainable future

Sustainable financing is a term used for financing that takes into consideration the environmental impacts of the business that it is financing, also it is a tool used to promote sustainable businesses that have a positive impact on climate change and which reduce greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint. Sustainable financing may mandate the use of green methods of doing businesses or link the Interest payments to the achievement of sustainability outcomes.

India-France Partnership For Sustainable Goals

India and France have promised to cooperate in the fight against climate change by ensuring that technologies are developed together and shared. Both the countries held talks last week while the Indian prime minister was visiting France.

India’s ReNew energy global shake hands with US firm on battery storage

India’s one of the largest renewable energy independent power producers ReNew Energy Global Plc has announced a collaboration with a U.S based firm to develop the energy storage batteries in the country.

Indian Power Ministry notifies Green Hydrogen policy.

Conversation around Green Hydrogen policy began from last year’s independence day speech of the PM, and now the Indian power ministry has put out its green hydrogen policy. While addressing the nation on August 15, 2021, Mr Modi announced that the green hydrogen policy would be rolled out across the nation, which is part of the mission to cut down India's greenhouse gas emissions. It is aimed towards meeting the

Deloitte’s CxO 2022, sustainability report.

Indian businesses have ranked fifth in a survey, on their concern for climate change and Indian companies are more likely to be implementing tougher climate actions compared with their global counterpart, advisory firm Deloitte said in a report.