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Sodium ion storage for Renewable energy is gaining success

Development of sodium ions for storing renewable energy is on the rise and the researches give positive results in support of it

Sodium ion storage for Renewable energy is gaining success

Development of sodium ions for storing renewable energy is on the rise and the researches give positive results in support of it

Food production and carbon footprint

Have you ever wondered whether a single slice of bread with the appetizing scrambled eggs you have in the breakfast is adding to the greenhouse gas emissions or the variety of food items sitting in your refrigerator is somehow contributing towards increasing the levels of global warming?

Haryana based Prof used cow dung & neem to build an eco-friendly house

A Haryana based Professor has developed Vedic Plaster and Gocrete bricks to replace the conventional materials used in urban housing. In an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint, Dr Shivdarshan Malik turned to traditional methods of construction and claimed that the building structure built by him is 6 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

India’s first renewable footwear brand uses plastic bottles & tyres to manufacture shoes

India based eco-friendly footwear brand uses recycled plastic bottles and tyres to manufacture shoes, it’s the first of its kind. With an aim of reducing the carbon footprint in footwear manufacturing, two brothers Taran Chhabra and Amar Preet Singh launched the footwear brand ‘Neeman’ to produce sustainable shoes.

Airbus’s biofuel-powered A380 passenger plane successfully carried out its first flight

In an attempt to minimize the carbon footprint of the Aviation industry, European multinational space corporation Airbus has successfully commenced its first-ever flight by a biofuel engine plane.

Cairo to have eco-friendly lanterns this Eid

The Egyptian authorities have announced that this Eid there will be an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional lanterns as they are environmentally harmful.

Karnataka based startup manufactures eco-friendly paper from the textile industry waste

In a unique attempt to minimise the deforestation in the paper manufacturing industry a Karnataka based startup is making eco-friendly paper made out of industrial and agro-waste. Kavya Madappa, the owner of Bluecat Paper mentioned that in her eco-friendly journey, she has managed to save about 30,000 litres of water daily and 30 tonnes of wood per month.

Alexandria to completely ban the use of plastic bags

Egypt’s Minister of Environment, Dr. Yasmine Fouad announced that they are going to introduce the “No to plastic bags” campaign to curb the single-plastic use and make Alexandria free from plastic bags.

Delhi based man building public toilets out of plastic waste

To combat the issue of plastic waste and increase the availability of public toilets, Delhi based man has started a unique initiative of building public urinals by recycling plastic bottles.

Bengaluru based startup invented an eco-friendly rocket fuel system

Bengaluru based startup Bellatrix aerospace has successfully tested an eco-friendly propulsion system to launch the rockets and satellites into space. The new system has the ability to cut emissions of harmful compounds while the launching process and can also increase fuel efficiency, the ET report said.

Tata Power and KPDL collaborate to set up EV charging stations in Pune

One of the leading Pune based real estate Kolte-Patil Developers (KDPL) developer has collaborated with Tata power to establish the EV charging stations in all of its Pune based projects.

Scientists developed edible cement from 100% food waste

The scientists from Tokyo University have announced a unique achievement of developing edible cement made entirely out of food waste.

Apple to roll out eco-friendly packaging for repaired iPhones

A report by MacRumors has highlighted that Apple is planning to deliver the repaired iPhone 12 models in an eco-friendly plastic-free box instead of the traditional white one.

Scientists developed eco-friendly Green cement to lower the carbon footprint

Industrial development has significantly contributed a lot to increasing pollution and the pollution emanating from them is very dangerous. In view of this, Navratna Green Cement Industries Private Limited (NGCIPL) has come up with Green Crete. The newly developed green cement has the qualities of being a border-free building material apart from being a zero-carbon emission product.

Indore’s central jail prisoners made eco-friendly Lord Ganesha idols

In an attempt to build a sustainable environment, Indore’s Central Jail prisoners developed eco-friendly Ganesha idols. The unique idols are made from clay with a seed of fruits or flower plants in the centre. The report published by ANI reported that the Central Jail Superintendent, Dr Alka Sonkar mentioned that these idols made by the prisoners have seeds immersed in them and they can be used to plant trees after the Ganesha Chaturthi.

Sustainable technology for rural women

In a developing economy like India, rural-urban migration is a growing phenomenon. According to the census of India about 350 million women have migrated to cities, in search of better sources of earning to provide for their families.

Hyderabad’s Khairtabad to have eco-friendly Ganesh idol this year

In an attempt to bring a positive environmental change into the society, the Khairtabad authorities have decided to build the Ganesha idol eco-friendly by replacing PoP with clay.

Biofuels: Sustainable and Climate Friendly Energy Solution

Biofuels are the need of the hour and will help pave the way for a low carbon future