Bengaluru based startup invented an eco-friendly rocket fuel system

Bengaluru based startup Bellatrix aerospace has successfully tested an eco-friendly propulsion system to launch the rockets and satellites into space. The new system has the ability to cut emissions of harmful compounds while the launching process and can also increase fuel efficiency, the ET report said.


Satellite thrusters are the propulsive device used by the spacecraft to control the altitude. These thrusters work by using a toxic compound called hydrazine which has a severe negative environmental impact. Bellatrix’s achievement in building a green propulsion system is positive news for the aerospace industry.

The startup has reported that they are planning to produce these green propulsion systems for commercialization purposes by the next year. The company also highlighted that the green propellant could be the solution for human space flight missions in future. 

The Chief Research Prof at IIS Charlie Oommen said, “ISRO recently announced that it will work towards using green fuels in all its future missions and the green fuel recently tested by Bellatrix Aerospace is extremely promising as it offers both benign handling facilities and higher performance than conventionally used toxic chemicals like hydrazine."