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Delhi government agrees to impose complete lockdown to curb air pollution

The AAP government today has informed the Supreme Court that it is ready to necessary steps such as imposing a complete lockdown to curb the air pollution in the capital.

Sustainable designs in laptops to reduce E-waste

Dell has teamed up with Intel to produce Concept Luna which claims to have a sustainable design to have reduced carbon output and electronic waste.

BMW increases use of low-carbon steel in series car production

Steel is a major component of car manufacturing. Steel is also one of the most carbon intensive things, as more carbon is produced during the production of steel than steel itself. One of the most popular car manufacturers of Germany- BMW, is switching to low carbon steel now to reduce its carbon footprint.

New plant-derived composite is tough as bone and hard as aluminum

Cellulose is the most abundant and robust naturally occurring fiber that is widely used. This fiber is a collection of organic cellulose nanocrystals or (CNC) which are almost perfectly packed to form the hardest part of the cell wall. Cellulose can be integrated into polymers to make them stronger.

Making Concrete and Steel Greener

Concrete is the second most used commodity in the world, water comes first. From skyscrapers, roads to bridges, concrete also has one of the most carbon-intensive manufacturing processes. It is made by heating limestone and melting it. Not only does heating emit lots of carbon dioxide, but the chemical process also releases a lot of carbon dioxide. Steel is also one of the most important modern materials which is responsible for lots of carbon emissions.

Cairo to have eco-friendly lanterns this Eid

The Egyptian authorities have announced that this Eid there will be an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional lanterns as they are environmentally harmful.

Hyderabad’s Khairtabad to have eco-friendly Ganesh idol this year

In an attempt to bring a positive environmental change into the society, the Khairtabad authorities have decided to build the Ganesha idol eco-friendly by replacing PoP with clay.

Godrej appliances aim to use eco-friendly packaging solutions

In an attempt to minimize the use of plastic in the packaging, Godrej appliances have announced that the company has filed for a patent for eco-friendly packaging. Godrej Appliances is planning to replace Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) which is known as thermocol with paper-based honeycomb (HC) packaging solutions.

Sustainable Initiatives Gain Traction in Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is a major polluter, and it is responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions and plastic waste. There is an immediate need for carbon neutrality and plastic-free initiatives in the beauty industry.

"Empowering Change: The Personal Care Industry's Role in Climate-Positive Action"

Amidst mounting concerns about environmental impact, the personal care industry stands at a crossroads, facing the challenge of aligning its practices with climate-positive action. As the imminent bans on wet wipes and the surge of fatbergs choking city sewers underscore the urgency of change, Jeremy Freedman, the Managing Director of sustainable personal care manufacturer Guardpack, asserts that the industry can and must embrace sustainability to lead the way for broader change.