Sustainable designs in laptops to reduce E-waste

Dell has teamed up with Intel to produce Concept Luna which claims to have a sustainable design to have reduced carbon output and electronic waste.


Dell has collaborated with Intel and has introduced Concept Luna which explores revolutionary design ideas to make components immediately accessible, reusable and replaceable, promoting a circular economy and reducing resource use. The machine created using the ideas of the concept has all the components easy to remove and replace. There is no strict binding material used to put the system together thus making it accessible for anyone to open and repair it when required. The company is looking for new ways to increase energy efficiency and cooling to deliver better power. They are experimenting with new materials that have a smaller carbon footprint. Motherboards are notorious for being the most energy-intensive components to manufacture, so by reducing its total area by 75% and number of components by 20% and ultimately the carbon footprint of the motherboard could be cut by 50%. The company has decreased the number of screws by 10 times to just four, which will be needed to access internal components, which will further reduce the time to repair, disassemble and reassemble. The palm rest is also intentionally designed for easy repair and reuse. The keyboard functions provide clean and easy separation and simplified recycling. The deep-cycle cell battery also provides a long charge that can be sustained across many years of use, increasing its reuse and refurbishment.