LGBTQ+ activists worried over COP27 in Egypt

Concerns are being raised over the treatment of people from LGBTQ+ community in Egypt. A White House advisor has urged  to move COP27 to another venue.


Jerome Foster and Elijah Mckenzie-Jackson, two LGBTQ+ activists, are scared that Egypt may be hostile to them and other activists belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, and they have written to Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in this regard. 

Mckenzie-Jackson, an 18-year-old British climate activist, also expressed fear of activists and protesters being silenced because of the nature of laws in Egypt. Ahmed Alaa who is also a signatory to the letter issued by Jackson and Foster in an Egyptian national who was tortured after waving the pride falg at a concert in Egypt.

Egypt is set to host COP27 in November this year, thousands of delegates from around the world will be attending the climate conference, it will be held in Sharm el-Sheik. UNFCCC has not issued any statements in response to these concerns.