Crop Loss Due To Extreme Heat

Crop yields have seen the largest decline in decades due to the extreme heatwave in the north Indian states. As much as 20% per hectare decline has been reported.


IPCC in its report warned that the effects of rising global temperatures will be visible on crop yields as they will suffer the most damage. India’s three breadbasket states Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have reported the largest decline in wheat production in the last two decades after temperatures soared above 40 degree celsius in March this year and reached 4 degrees above the normal. Farmers have been pushed deeper into debts because of decreasing output. 

As earth’s temperature increases, the wheat production will move toward north, this will change the state of food production and supply. The demands of irrigation water also increased 30% this year because of increased evaporation in extreme heat. India’s most fertile northern Gangetic plains are projected to suffer losses of up to 41% - 52% if the temperature increases by 2.5-4.9 degree celsius.