E-waste management app launched by Dehradun

Himachal Pradesh government has decided to follow suit of New Delhi, in the thoughtful initiative of launching an app for the management of E-waste across 51 centres. The mayor of Dehradun, Sunil Uniyal Gama had laid the foundation of an E-waste management awareness campaign. It was a collaboration of District Municipality, Uttarakhand state council of technology, Society of environmental sciences and national mission on Himalayan studies.


Dehradun is no backender in E-waste generation and currently amounts to 2 tons of E-waste per year. Thus the authorities have taken the initiative of reducing it by sourcing recycling centres and resellers of old phones.

Along with the allocation of E-waste bins across 42 places, they are also working with NGOs that are focussed on E-waste reduction. Through the creation of apps and other amenities for E-waste reduction, there is a scope for generating green jobs for people at various levels.

At present, there is a plant in Haridwar which receives electronic waste from all of Dehradun. They also repair the ones in workable condition and are hoping to instil responsibility in the people themselves, through campaigns and other initiatives.