India ranks 59th in Digital Quality of Life Index 2021

In the third annual edition of Digital Quality of Life Index 2021, Denmark is at the top, followed by Republic of Korea and Finland. India ranks 59th globally and 17th in Asia.


The US is at number five, Japan at number 12 and China at number 22. The index was prepared after collecting data on 5 key performance indicators: internet affordability, internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security, and electronic government. Other key findings of the report emphasize the need of investing in internet infrastructure and the contribution of the electronic government in promoting the digital well-being of citizens. An interesting find mentions that the internet is least affordable in places where its quality is the poorest. The 2021 DQL research examined a population of over 6.9 billion people in terms of five core KPIs and 14 underpinning indicators to get a comprehensive picture.