J&K Bank Gives Solar Lamps to 1000 Houses

As part of its CSR initiative, J&K Bank has given solar lamps to 1,000 homes in the district Ganderbal scheduled tribe (ST) community.


Local non-governmental organization (NGO) MOOL Sustainability Research and Training Centre (MSRTC) collaborated on the initiative. MSRTC focuses on developmental programs aimed at creating regenerative and integrative communities. At a local school in Lar, Ganderbal, the lanterns were distributed to families belonging to the ST Community and other marginal sectors by the bank's General Manager, Syed Rais Maqbool.

The recipients thanked the organizations and prayed for their success in providing them with an eco-friendly and practical way to light their houses. Giving out solar lanterns was an investment in a more inclusive society that was working towards a greener future, according to Syed Rais Maqbool, who spoke on the significance of corporate social responsibility initiatives in helping the less fortunate. 

Working in tandem with reputable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like MSRTC, the project seeks to include local communities, especially those from economically disadvantaged areas, and inspire them to embrace sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to their everyday challenges.