Prince William's Earthshot Environment Prize awarded to India's recycling project

Prince William presented the Earthshot prize to notable environmental contributions and conservation efforts made by people. This year Indian company, Takachar bagged an award. The other winning projects were from the Bahamas, Costa Rica and Italy.


Takachar had created a machine that converts agricultural waste into fertilizer. It was honoured with the 'Clean out air' prize. India is largely an agricultural country, thus agricultural waste is a big problem faced by the farmers. The conventional method of disposal is by burning. This innovation attempts to solve that problem. It is also portable, which increases its accessibility.

The Earth shot prize started in October last year, inspired by the Moonshot prize that was initiated in the 1960s by John F Kennedy. Such accolades are essential to recognize the efforts of people and companies that are doing good to the environment, and also inspire others to take initiatives.

Other prizes included the coral growth project by the Bahamas, 'Food Waste Hubs' prize and a hydrogen making electrolyzer. Each of these finalists will be given financial support by companies to develop their projects. Prince William announced further that the 2022 session will be held in the United States to carry forth the narrative in the world's leading economy, to pay more attention to the climate.

Keywords: Renewable energy, climate conservation, sustainability

Pic credits: pixabay

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