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BMC's Doorstep E-waste Collection Initiative

The Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation (BMC) is going one step further in its e-waste management infrastructure. The already-in-place doorstep e-waste collection service is being extended to 57 more wards of the city.

The Amazon clearing, and why we should be concerned about it.

Stretching over 5.5 million km2 , covering most of the South American countries and holding treasure of biodiversity are the lungs of our planet, the Amazon rainforest. It is the world’s richest and most varied hotspot of economically viable flora and fauna. It has always been a victim of extortion and exploitation, but lately it has gotten worse.

Survey Finds 83 Percent of Indians Want "End of Life" Policy to Be Mandatory

According to a Local Circles survey, 83% of household consumers would prefer that an upfront "End of Life Service Date" declaration become law for all expensive serviceable items including cars, appliances, and gadgets.