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Climate Change: Compounding risks to marginalized communities torn with conflict

Conflict, in the context of social groups, is what we refer to as an aggressive encounter between groups of people that see agreement (or disagreement) on political ideology (or interests) brought on by the exploitation of natural resources, sectarian tensions, and external intervention. Conflict zones are basically areas where conflict is dominant and has an adverse effect on human lives. It can range from a region, an area within a country to an area covering the national boundary of two or more countries. Marginalized communities are groups and communities that face discrimination and exclusion due to unequal power relations across social, economic, and political dimensions. They have often been historically deprived of basic human rights to resources and opportunities. Many indigenous communities across the world have been classified as marginalized because of the effects of colonialism on them such as the Native Americans, the Australian Aboriginals, the Indian Santhal, and Munda tribes, etc.

Climate migration

Natural factors have been responsible for migration more than socio-political causes since the past few years, but the adaptation seems to be getting less attention than the mitigation strategies.

World Migration Report 2022 reflects more people are displaced due to climate than conflict

The 2022 report on human migration indicated climate change as one of the main reasons. The World Migration Report 2022 released today, revealed a staggering figure and the even more worrying causes behind it. The report depicted that more people are being dislocated by disasters, an immediate outcome of climate change, rather than socio-political conflicts.

Odisha Government to Build India's First Resettlement Colony for Climate Change Displaced Residents

The Odisha government has announced plans to build the country's first resettlement colony for people displaced by climate change. The colony will be located in Bagapatia and will provide housing, drinking water, electricity connections, roads, and other facilities for people affected by coastal erosion in the Satbhaya region of Kendrapada district. The project has been sanctioned by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who has allocated Rs 22.5 crore for the colony's first development phase