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A Necessity of Contemporary Times to Reduce Carbon Footprint

"Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master", it was rightly said. Electronic devices have grown into an inevitable part of our daily lives. From our mobile phones to ceiling fans and refrigerators, anything that runs on an electrical circuit is a potential future E-waste. When they are functional, they are worthy but when they have run their course, they are not only waste but a harmful hazard to the environment.

Two Indian cities vulnerable to climate change

According to the study, global warming is a major cause of the sea-level rise, and Chennai and Kolkata are particularly vulnerable in India.

Odisha Government to Build India's First Resettlement Colony for Climate Change Displaced Residents

The Odisha government has announced plans to build the country's first resettlement colony for people displaced by climate change. The colony will be located in Bagapatia and will provide housing, drinking water, electricity connections, roads, and other facilities for people affected by coastal erosion in the Satbhaya region of Kendrapada district. The project has been sanctioned by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who has allocated Rs 22.5 crore for the colony's first development phase

Massive Evacuations Underway as Cyclone Biparjoy Menaces India and Pakistan

Cyclone Biparjoy, a formidable storm with winds of up to 150 kph (90 mph), is approaching densely populated regions in India and Pakistan, triggering widespread evacuations. With the potential for heavy rainfall, destructive winds, and coastal storm surges, authorities in both countries are taking swift action to protect millions of lives. Pakistan's Sindh province has already relocated approximately 60,000 individuals to temporary shelters, while India's Gujarat state has evacuated around 45,000 people from coastal areas