Assam double-hit after COVID and the energy crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the country disastrously. Different sections of the economy were hit differently, but the most affected were without doubt, the BPL and lower middle class. The cities of Assam have the most number of families with annual income less than 5 lakh, and the cost of living has soared the most over there.


The schemes available only benefit the ones who fall below the 5 lakh bracket. They do get rice for free, but kerosene is available at subsidised rates. Other utilities are all occasionally available but only at a minor reduction in price.

World Bank in its data of 2012, had stated that about 3.1 crore people of Assam are in extreme poverty. With a prolonged status of poverty the COVID has just made things worse. Beside that, Assam is one of the worst hit by natural disasters. Every year IndianOcean floods wreak havoc on the northeastern state.

The Public Distribution System seems to have greatly failed the most needed section of society in one of the very vulnerable areas. The daily expenditure on food and household alone has reportedly increased by 23% of the working population and even more for the poor. Thus, economic depletion does not occur in just one facet of society but is catalytic in nature, and affects every aspect of people's lives.