Bucharest-based game development agency develops climate change themed game for Netflix

Netflix has recently launched a puzzle-based game on its app called ‘Wild Things: Animal Adventures’ having themes of animal habitat restoration, nature conservation and climate change exclusively for its subscribers.


The game has been developed by the Bucharest-based game development agency ‘Amber Studio’ together with US developers ‘Jam City’. More than 20 programmers, artists, designers, animators, tech artists, and testers from the Amber offices in Bucharest, Warsaw, and Botoșani were involved in the development of the game.

The game is designed for mobile phones, and players are tasked with helping Liam the lion, Emma the elephant, and their friends to rebuild their habitat after it was destroyed by a storm.

The game has an important lesson embedded into it. In their mission to save the island, players must solve puzzles, renovate, and care for the animals' native lands. One of the key topics of the game is caring for the environment and how we can help reduce the effects of major climate change.