Circular Kolkata Alliance Launches Battery-Operated Cart to Collect E-Waste

A group of environmental organizations in Kolkata, India, has launched a battery-operated cart to collect e-waste from doorsteps. The initiative, called "Circular on Wheel," is part of a larger effort to promote circular economy practices in the city.

The Circular on Wheel cart is a simple but effective way to collect e-waste. It is equipped with a scale to weigh the waste, and it can hold up to 100 kilograms of e-waste. The cart is also equipped with a solar panel to power it, making it environmentally friendly.

The cart is being operated by a team of volunteers from the Circular Kolkata Alliance. The team has been trained on how to identify and sort e-waste, and they are committed to recycling and reusing the waste.

This is a great example of how environmental organizations can work together to make a difference. The initiative is helping to reduce e-waste pollution in Kolkata, and it is also helping to create jobs in the waste recycling sector. The Circular Kolkata Alliance is encouraging people to donate their e-waste to the cart. They are also planning to expand the initiative to other parts of the city.

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