Pune based startup preventing stubble from burning

A Pune based startup, BioFuelCircle has created an online marketplace by creating a supply chain for biomass and biofuel. The digital marketplace allows farmers to get in touch with industrial producers involved in Biomass & Biofuel production with stubble.


BioFuelCircle founded by Suhas Baxi and Ashwin Save in 2020 has successfully prevented about 25,000 tonnes of stubble from burning till now.  Suhas highlighted that India produces a massive amount of Bio-waste and about 200 million tonnes of Bio-waste is being wasted or burned every year. If this waste could be used efficiently this can itself meet 17% of the country‚Äôs energy needs.  

At present, the cost of collection & transportation to industrial bioprocessing units for farmers is high due to the volume of stubble. To combat this issue the startup is aiming to make this supply chain sustainable by establishing Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs). FPOs will have an established transport network and a centralised space where farmers can submit their biowaste and further this stubble will be compressed to make briquettes. Further, these briquettes would be easily transported to the Bioprocessing industries.