Latest Updates

  • ReNew Power to help Microsoft on a Renewable Energy Journey

    Gurugram-based ReNew Power and Microsoft India have agreed to a renewable energy arrangement for 150 MW. ReNew Power identifies itself as India's top provider of renewable energy. According to ReNew Power's official announcement, it is one of the biggest deals made of its kind in India.

  • ₹81k Crore Sanctioned For Green Energy Projects

    Andhra Pradesh has come forward to participate in several memoranda of understanding (MoUs) for green energy projects. The project's total cost has been estimated to be worth Rs.81,000 crore. The state stands highest among all others, as it has identified 30 energy efficiency financing projects. According to the TOI report, The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has estimated the state's investment potential to be more than Rs.412.30 crore in energy efficiency.

  • India's G20 Presidency Crucial For Clean Energy Growth

    Over the course of five years, India along with some others countries will be the key focus in regard to renewable energy. As they are the emerging leaders among the extraordinary increase in renewables energy deployment. India officially took the presidency of the group of the twenty countries who annually rotates it between its members forming the most powerful inter-governmental forum also known as G-20.

  • India Engages In Nuclear Power Production

    Nuclear power production is the next plan on India’s clean energy production list. India has been trying its best to meet the climate change targets, focusing mainly on supplementing the country's renewable energy. The policy interventions regarding the project could include incentives, making its prime focus to set up a public-private partnership mode, encouraging the private sector for setting up nuclear power plants.

  • Low-Carbon Energy To Attract Investment Boost In India

    According to a new report, India is estimated to have a significant rise in low-carbon energy investments by 2023. The report from highlights that India might attract a business of almost $10 billion in the low-carbon energy segment. Bank of America analysts have considered India to be a bright spot in a subdued capital-raising market, it adds.

  • India Secures Investment For New Renewable Energy Projects

    The CleanMax Enviro Energy Solutions, a commercial & industrial (C&I) renewable energy company partnered with Meta to invest in the 33.8 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy projects that are being set up in India. Under the deal, CleanMax will have full control over the project, owning and operating. While for years to come Meta will get to purchase the 100% of the environmental attributes from the projects.

  • India’s Renewable energy capacity to reach 2,400 GW in the next 5 years: IEA

    The new study was put forward by the self-governed intergovernmental organization, International Energy Agency (IEA). The study featured detail for the next five-year plan. much of the part will be focused on India, where 90% of the global electricity expansion will consist of renewable energy.

  • Odisha’s Renewable Energy Policy 2022 brings good news for the Pvt energy sector

    In an attempt to promote the transition to renewable energy in the state, Odisha’s government brought its Renewable Energy Policy 2022. The programme intends to encourage Private stakeholders to boost renewable energy output in order to meet the Centre's renewable purchase obligation (RPO) trajectory by 2030.

  • COP27 Day 4 witnesses first protests with activists calling for an end to fossil fuel funding

    On 9th November 2022, the fourth day of the COP27 at Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, about 50 activists from Asia, Africa and the Americas protested in the central Blue Zone of the conference and called for an end to fossil fuel funding and a shift to investment in community-based renewable projects.

  • COP27 Day 2: India's Environment Minister speaks at Middle Eastern Green Summit and the UN SG High-Level Round Table

    On 7th November 2022, the second day of the COP27 at Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, India's Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Bhupender Yadav spoke at two separate events – Middle Eastern Green Summit 2022 and the UN Secretary-General High-Level Round Table.