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Media and its approach to climate change

This article is an interactive discussion with Prof. Arul Aram, head of the department of media studies in Anna University TamilNadu.

Southwestern US copes with the worst megadrought in 1200 years

If it comes as a surprise to you that the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico have been experiencing the worst drought in 1200 years, i.e., since the year 800 CE, your response is a scathing indictment of the Indian media’s coverage of global climate change.

COP27 101: A Guide for the Uninitiated

You’re aware of climate change, of course. After all, you read and watch the news. And lately, there has been a lot of fuss about it in the media, ain’t it? Melting glaciers, scorching temperatures, the wildfires, the heatwaves, the flooding, the droughts – all fallouts of climate change, so the scientists claim.

Alexandria social enterprise organizes beach cleanup to raise awareness ahead of COP27

Banlastic Egypt, an Alexandria-based social enterprise that tackles plastic pollution organized a beach cleanup on the 13th of August 2022 to raise the public's awareness about COP27 and of plastic pollution and how single-use plastic waste harms marine life if it eventually ends up in seas and oceans.

Truly Desi A2 Dairy Start-Up Reduces Plastic

The consumption of milk and milk-related goods of all brands results in an estimated 30,000 tonnes of plastic trash being produced daily in Pune. A2 dairy start-up is working to lessen this landfill and plastic waste. In order to enable its customers to bring back their used but cleaned milk pouches for recycling, Truly Desi has partnered with the social organization ProEarth.

ENGIE Plantation Drive For Clean Energy Goal

In honor of National Energy Conservation Day, ENGIE, a pioneer in low-carbon energy solutions, organized a plantation campaign throughout all of its operational sites in India.

ENGIE Plantation Drive For Clean Energy Goal

In honor of National Energy Conservation Day, ENGIE, a pioneer in low-carbon energy solutions, organized a plantation campaign throughout all of its operational sites in India. In the three crucial fields of gas infrastructure, low-carbon power generation, and energy services, ENGIE is a major participant in the energy world, focused on renewable energy and low carbon distributed energy infrastructures.

India Green Renewable Energy Shift Must Speed Up

The need to switch to green, renewable energy is becoming more urgent due to the conflict in Ukraine, the severe heating deficit, and the high cost of electricity as winter grips Europe (RE). According to a recent International Energy Agency (IEA) assessment, the amount of renewable energy capacity added globally over the course of the last 20 years will be equaled within the next five years.

Survey Finds 83 Percent of Indians Want "End of Life" Policy to Be Mandatory

According to a Local Circles survey, 83% of household consumers would prefer that an upfront "End of Life Service Date" declaration become law for all expensive serviceable items including cars, appliances, and gadgets.

India At Risk From Climate Change

Rajeshwar Rao, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India, on Thursday, said that India is particularly vulnerable to climate concerns because of its extensive coastline, high reliance on fossil fuels in energy systems, and reliance on agriculture for rural subsistence. As a result, action is necessary.

Lions Club International Tackles The Challenge Of E-Waste Disposal

Today, Lions Clubs International stated that it had set up close to 10,000 Clubs around the nation, with close to 300,000 volunteers and members, to address the difficulties posed by e-waste in the nation. Used phones, batteries, laptops, and other electronic equipment laying around our homes are considered e-waste and can be dangerous if improperly disposed of as they contain toxic materials.

Taking Climate Change Head-On: Tamil Nadu Community Radio Station

In the coastal village of Vizhuthamavadi in Nagapattinam, roughly 320 kilometres south of Chennai, the Development of Humane Action (DHAN) Foundation established the radio station Kalanjiam Samuga Vanoli fourteen years ago.

Smartphone E-Waste Major Concern As OEMs Lack Balance

In terms of the three main phases of the smartphone circular economy—production, use, and end of life—Apple leads the market for smartphones in terms of overall sustainability, followed by Samsung. When it comes to used inventory or mobile e-waste, though, there is a lot that has to be done.

Green Hydrogen Industry Emerging Worth Billions

In an effort to reduce emissions and establish itself as a major exporter in the field of green hydrogen business, India is preparing a $2 billion incentive program, three sources told Reuters.

Orchids The International School launches E-Waste Collection Drive

Orchids the International School (OIS), one of India's top K–12 school chains, has begun a mission to collect e-waste throughout the institution. The school network has teamed up with Z Enviro Industries Pvt Ltd to educate students about the e-waste management process and how they can help identify e-waste goods and contribute to the recycling of e-waste by comprehending the segregation process and disposal.

Nandan Mall: Hulladek Create A Better Future By Recycling It

In order to collect electronic waste from doorsteps and recycle it for a greener tomorrow, Nandan Mall, a young man from Kolkata, has launched a novel initiative called Hulladek. The slogan "Hungry for Waste" for Hulladek gives some indication of the language it is based on. Hulladek, a project named after the Hungarian word for "waste," is attempting to raise awareness of the fact that electronics may be put to many different uses when their useful life is ended in twenty different Indian states.

Uttar Pradesh Establishes First Climate Change Knowledge Centre

In Lucknow, a state-level Climate Change Knowledge Centre (CCLC) will be established. This will be the state's first climate change knowledge center, according to AK Saxena, minister of state for environment, forest, and climate change (independent charge). The center will develop communication materials to raise awareness about climate change and will collaborate with national and international technical institutions.

Rusal Aims To Supply More Low-Carbon Aluminium

Reuters reports that due to a rise in demand from makers of electric vehicles (EVs), the Russian aluminium company United Co Rusal International is considering supplying more low-carbon aluminium to China. Vice President Huang Wenqian of Rusal Shanghai Economic and Trade Company said, “we are highly confident about China's low-carbon demand”.

Lions Clubs International To Address E-Waste Crisis Across India

An increasing global environmental and public health concern is e-waste or electronic garbage. When discarded improperly, electronics like phones, batteries, and laptops can contain toxic elements and cause pollution of the land, air, and water.