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Green Fuels Venture and Tefler Tanks sign MoU in Panama

Green Fuels Venture (GFV), a subsidiary of UK biofuels Technology developer has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to produce biofuels in the Republic of Panama.

1st Budapest hydrogen summit: the road to a carbon-free hydrogen shift

The first Budapest hydrogen summit finally commenced on March 10 with the high-level policymakers, major industry stakeholders, and experts from the CEE region sectors committing to achieve a smooth shift to carbon-free hydrogen as energy fuel in the near future.

Bioethanol Initiatives In India

India is one of the fastest-growing economies and the third-largest consumer of energy worldwide, standing right after the US and China in the ranks. To become a USD 5 trillion economy, as a developing nation, there is one thing that India will need for sure - an uninterrupted supply of energy.

MEIL to invest 35 million euros for hydrogen production

Drillmec, a Piacenza based Oil and Gas company , a part of Indian infrastructure giant MEIL group on Friday in a press report said, that their hydrogen production would be through advanced technologies which would include electrolysis, pyrolysis and through CO2 capture and storage systems. It further added that the board has set an approval for the investment of over 35 million euros in clean energy transition.

India in the way towards leading the blue hydrogen race

Reliance Industries Ltd., owned by Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has aimed to be among the largest blue hydrogen producers at ‘competitive cost’ in its green energy transition plan.

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst pledges $75 million to Infinium's eFuels facility.

Infinium and Breakthrough Energy Catalyst are spending $75 million on Project Roadrunner, a futuristic project that will convert waste carbon dioxide and renewable energy into low-carbon electrofuels.

Total Energies is Developing New Low-Carbon Energies

TotalEnergies, a major energy player, is undergoing a transformation, actively pursuing a multi-energy approach with a focus on low-carbon alternatives. They recognize the urgency of combatting climate change and acknowledge the limitations of fossil fuels.

BPCL Drives Eco-Friendly Fuel on the Go with India's First Mobile AdBlue Dispenser

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has taken a leap forward in green initiatives with the launch of India's first mobile AdBlue dispenser in Kolkata. This innovative solution addresses the accessibility of MAK AdBlue, a crucial diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from BSVI diesel vehicles.