1st Budapest hydrogen summit: the road to a carbon-free hydrogen shift

The first Budapest hydrogen summit finally commenced on March 10 with the high-level policymakers, major industry stakeholders, and experts from the CEE region sectors committing to achieve a smooth shift to carbon-free hydrogen as energy fuel in the near future.


The intent behind this cross-sector dialogue session was to engage stakeholders from different sectors and discuss the policies & methods that can be used to harness the full potential of hydrogen and scale up the hydrogen economy. The summit was opened by Pál Ságvári, vice president of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) who stressed the importance of hydrogen to a carbon-free economy and highlighted that Hungary has already adopted its Hydrogen Strategy to achieve the same.

Thomas Schubert, partner of Dentons Berlin mentioned the challenges ahead in the green hydrogen market as the production cost is high and a real market for the same needs to be created. The conference also discussed the regulatory hindrances which must be tackled for a smooth transition. 

Ákos Hegedüs, managing director of Linde Gas Hungary highlighted the need to produce green hydrogen locally to avoid the extra distribution & transportation related costs. Another significant challenge regarding the blending of hydrogen with gas by the gas grid operators need to tackle is the safety issue, accessibility and sustainability.

Speakers from all around the globe were present at the conference and shared their viewpoints to tackle these challenges and highlighted the future possibilities such as sustainable mobility applications by powering fuel-cell electric vehicles, decarbonizing railways through the deployment of hydrogen passenger trains to mitigate carbon footprint.