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Strengthen Public Transport System to Decarbonise Indian Transportation Sector

India’s transportation sector is a promising one, both from a development and sustainability point of view. Catering to over a billion people, it is fueled by rapid urbanization and actively contributes to congestion, pollution and about 29% of India’s total CO2 emissions. Without immediate action, transportation alone could be producing over 40% of India’s GHG alone by 2040 and 60% by 2050.

Positive Climate Change Action May Save $35 Trillion in the Indian Economy by 2070

As per a report published by the Deloitte Economics Institute, India stands to lose to the tune of $35 trillion in the next 50 years if it does not reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. Inaction on climate change will lead to loss in India’s economic potential by 5.5% each year on an average for the next half century.

Denmark to phase out fossil fuel use in domestic flights by 2030

In an attempt to start the new year to achieve its climate action targets Denmark's government has declared a goal to make all the domestic flights free from fossil-fuel use by 2030.

India Announces National Hydrogen Mission

PM Modi announced the National Hydrogen Mission during his independence day speech from Red Fort on 15th August, 2021. It is worth mentioning that India spends almost INR 12 lakh crores annually to meet its energy needs. National Hydrogen Mission will aim to mark India as a global hub for green hydrogen production and exports.

Hydrogen firm Lapis Energy gains funding for global low-carbon projects

A new hydrogen development and carbon sequestration company, Lapis Energy has recently received private equity funding to launch low carbon and clean hydrogen projects across the globe

Nitin Gadkari unveiled India’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

The Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari inaugurated India’s first hydrogen fuel cell-based vehicle ‘Mirai’. The uniquely designed sedan is a part of the pilot project by the leading motor vehicles manufacturer Toyota with an aim to boost the green hydrogen capacity as an alternative fuel for the future.

1st Budapest hydrogen summit: the road to a carbon-free hydrogen shift

The first Budapest hydrogen summit finally commenced on March 10 with the high-level policymakers, major industry stakeholders, and experts from the CEE region sectors committing to achieve a smooth shift to carbon-free hydrogen as energy fuel in the near future.

Egypt allocates SC Zone for the production of Green Hydrogen

Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly had a discussion with Franz Timmermans, Deputy Executive President of the European Commission on Climate Change Issues, in Cairo on Sunday. The meeting was part of the ongoing preparations for the upcoming climate change conference (COP27) to be held in Cairo later this year.

Tainan will house first hydrogen refueling station in Taiwan

The first hydrogen refueling station in Taiwan will be constructed at Tainan’s Southern Taiwan Science Park.

Green Hydrogen – India’s hope to solve its transportation problem

In March 2022, Nitin Gadkari (Minister for Road Transport & Highways, GoI) went viral on Twitter when he arrived at the parliament in a green hydrogen-powered car – the Toyota Mirai. In Japanese, the word Mirai means future; it is one of the few cars developed that run on hydrogen-powered fuel cells. The minister’s drive to the parliament was to raise awareness about India’s vision to replace coal and petrol with green hydrogen.

Finnish scientists invented the world’s first fully working sand battery

A team of young researchers from Finland have successfully installed the world’s first fully functioning sand battery that has the ability to store green power for several months.

IISC invents new tech to develop hydrogen from biomass

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have successfully invented a technology that has the ability to yield hydrogen from biomass. India currently uses about 50 lakh tonnes of hydrogen in several sectors and the new technology has the potential to escalate the country’s green energy capacity and meet these requirements.

Maharashtra's petrol pumps to be equipped with EV charging points

The State Government of Maharashtra has announced that they will partner with the petrol companies for the installation of EV charging points on the premises. Dr Nitin Raut, New and Renewable Energy Minister of Maharashtra has officiated the announcement during the Pune Alternate Fuel Conclave 2022.

MEIL to invest 35 million euros for hydrogen production

Drillmec, a Piacenza based Oil and Gas company , a part of Indian infrastructure giant MEIL group on Friday in a press report said, that their hydrogen production would be through advanced technologies which would include electrolysis, pyrolysis and through CO2 capture and storage systems. It further added that the board has set an approval for the investment of over 35 million euros in clean energy transition.

India set to exceed emission cut targets, further reduction depends on climate fund

From 2005-2016, over a period of eleven years, India’s carbon emissions fell by 24%. Now, India is only short of 9-11% emission cuts to reach its committed target in the Paris Agreement of 2015. Further, India has made huge advances in renewable energy sources and is confident in achieving 40% of its total energy demands from renewable sources by 2025.

Pilkington UK & Vertex Inks Offtake Agreement For Low Carbon Hydrogen

A "Heads of Terms" offtake agreement for low-carbon hydrogen has been signed between Vertex Hydrogen and Merseyside glass maker Pilkington UK. With the completion of two world-first trials of hydrogen being burnt in a glass furnace, St Helens' Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, a unit of the NSG Group, has led the flat glass industry in the conversion to low carbon fuels.

6 Lakh Employment Created Under National Green Hydrogen Mission

The National Green Hydrogen Mission is expected to attract investments of Rs. 8 lakh crore and generate more than 6 lakh jobs in India, according to a press release from the Indian government.

Germany Cutting Down Its Renewable Energy Dependency From Russia

In an effort to reduce their CO2 emissions and wean Germany off its dependency on Russian gas, the NATO allies signed joint pledges on Thursday by Norway and Germany to enhance the production of renewable energy and create green industries.

TCE To Receive Low-Carbon Hydrogen From Vertex

An offtake agreement for the supply of more than 200 megawatts of low-carbon hydrogen has been signed by Vertex Hydrogen and Tata Chemicals Europe (TCE), according to a press release on January 26.

PMC to build India's first waste-to-hydrogen facility in Pune

PMC has joined hands with a private company, TheGreenBillions Ltd (TGBL), to build India’s first waste-to-hydrogen facility. TGBL, a sustainability solutions manufacturing firm has signed a 30-year partnership with PMC.