India set to exceed emission cut targets, further reduction depends on climate fund

From 2005-2016, over a period of eleven years, India’s carbon emissions fell by 24%. Now, India is only short of 9-11% emission cuts to reach its committed target in the Paris Agreement of 2015. Further, India has made huge advances in renewable energy sources and is confident in achieving 40% of its total energy demands from renewable sources by 2025.

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According to RG Gupta, a senior MOEFCC official, further commitments from India will depend on the fulfillment of the pledge that rich countries provide $100 billion a year in funding to help developing nations tackle climate change. He added that developed economies, unlike India, have used “the carbon space disproportionately”, and that was why they needed to be carbon neutral, but as a developing nation, India could not bind itself to a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal. This statement comes ahead of the COP26 summit to be held in Glasgow, later this year.

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