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Natural calamities caused $87 billion loss to India in 2020 says WMO

The latest report published by the World Meteorological Department reveals that India lost over 87 billion dollars due to the destruction caused by natural calamities last year. The report titled ‘State of the Climate in Asia’ released on Tuesday mentioned that annual tropical cyclones, floods, and droughts cause a drastic loss of several hundred billion dollars to the nation.

Climate change to spike up the kidney stone cases in future reveals a new study

A new study published in ‘Scientific reports’ by the researchers of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia reveals that the rising temperature due to global warming will increase the number of patients affected by kidney stones. The research highlighted that high environmental temperature and dehydration could worsen this dangerous medical condition.

Hazards of E-waste Mis-management on Health

The article involves details of health hazards involved in recycling of E-waste without any safety measures.

Climate Change Poses Significant Threat to Preterm Births

A new study raises alarming concerns about the impact of climate change on children's health, particularly the risk of premature birth. Researchers found a staggering 60% increase in the average risk of preterm birth associated with exposure to extreme temperatures.