Climate change to spike up the kidney stone cases in future reveals a new study

A new study published in ‘Scientific reports’ by the researchers of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia reveals that the rising temperature due to global warming will increase the number of patients affected by kidney stones. The research highlighted that high environmental temperature and dehydration could worsen this dangerous medical condition.


The research states that at the current rate in the rise of global temperature and greenhouse gas emissions the number of kidney stone patients will rise by 2.2 to 3.9 per cent and will also impact the health infrastructure.

The research explains that people sweat more when the temperature is warmer which results in the concentration of the urine which makes the larger kidney stones pass through the urinary tract much more difficult and painful for the patients. The data accumulated by the researchers also highlight that the cases of kidney stones have seen a significant rise in the past decade but it can be contained if greenhouse emissions are cut down in the future.