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Maruti-Toyota to start recycling unit

A vehicle scrapping facility was started in Noida today, partnered by The Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho Group. The joint venture aims to promote transparent, organized and eco-friendly dismantling of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). The facility has an area of 10,993 sq metre and is equipped to scrap and recycle over 24,000 ELVs per year. About ₹44 crores have been invested for the project and it functions on technologically advanced and modern machines to break down and scrape ELVs in a scientific way.

How Are Vegetation and Temperature Correlated

Warming of the earth's atmosphere has been a topic of debate for a long time. Is it natural or anthropogenic? Scientists think that there may be a correlation between vegetation and earth’s temperature.

Rising Wet-Bulb Temperature: The Metric For An Overheated Planet and Its Fatal Effects On Humans

Wet bulb temperature is simply the lowest temperature that the human body can cool down to after evaporating all the moisture that its surroundings allow it to. The lower it is, the more easily the human body can cool itself down through perspiration; when high it can lead to various issues including death in extreme cases.

Climate change has begun to suffocate the world’s fisheries

The ocean water holds oxygen which is vital for marine life. Due to rise in the temperature of water, it is becoming deoxygenated, which means its ability to hold oxygen has decreased. which could potentially result in ocean water becoming less habitable for marine life. The depths of 200mts to 1000mts called mesopelagic zone will be the most affected part as per a report.

Human-induced climate change impacts the highest reaches of the planet—Mount Everest

University of Maineled international research team that analyzed data from the world's highest ice core and highest automatic weather stations. According to them, the impacts of human induced climate effects have reached the point where it is resulting in the loss of several decades worth of glacier accumulation annually

IPPC Report cautions Ahmedabad could turn into an ‘urban heat island’ due to climate change

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report by Working Group II (WGII) warns that the impacts of climate change will continue to worsen and if we don’t limit greenhouse gases soon, we will have very little time to ensure that earth remains habitable.

NGO helps Ahmedabad women in making slum houses climate-resilient

Ahmedabad experienced one of its worst heatwaves in 2010 with 1,344 deaths, while 24,223 people lost their lives between 1992 and 2015 across India. The heatwave was extremely severe this year as well.

Research predicts that Ahmedabad will see an average temperature rise of 0.81°C by 2030

A new research by the state-run Gujarat Energy Research & Management Institute (GERMI); Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH), Gandhinagar; Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) of the US; and Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health made an alarming estimation that as a result of climate change, the average temperature of Ahmedabad could rise up to 0.81°C by 2030.

Less progress in reducing temperature rise and climate change

The UN's latest report, released on November 14, shows a global shortfall in tackling climate change, indicating insufficient progress in limiting temperature rises and meeting the Paris Agreement's objectives.

Earth's temperature breaches by 2.06°C for the first time

The globe witnessed an disturbing milestone in climate change on November 17, 2023, when global temperatures reached the key 2 degrees Celsius warming point.