Climate change has begun to suffocate the world’s fisheries

The ocean water holds oxygen which is vital for marine life. Due to rise in the temperature of water, it is becoming deoxygenated, which means its ability to hold oxygen has decreased. which could potentially result in ocean water becoming less habitable for marine life. The depths of 200mts to 1000mts called mesopelagic zone will be the most affected part as per a report.

(Science daily)

Oxygenated oceans are important for fisheries because the middle layer that’s getting deoxygenated fast is the one that’s home to many of the world's most commonly fished species. Also, oxygen is an important element for decomposing dead algae and other organisms in the ocean, that’s one more way the oceans are becoming inhabitable.

The researchers also found that oceans closer to the poles, like the west and north Pacific and the southern oceans, are particularly vulnerable to deoxygenation. They're not yet sure why, but accelerated warming could be the culprit. Areas in the tropics are known for having low levels of dissolved oxygen called oxygen minimum zones are also spreading, says Yuntao Zhou, an oceanographer at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.