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WIldfires to spike by 50% by 2100 says UNEP report

A report published by the UNEP highlighted an alarming possibility that the number of global wildfires is expected to rise by 50% by the end of 2050. The report said that the current rate is expected to grow by 20% by 2030 and about 30% by the end of 2050.

Climate change will give birth to more extreme wildfires and heatwaves across the globe

Recent research from New South Wales University indicates that human influence on the climate has increased the Incidents of heatstroke and wildfires. Since the middle of the 20th century, their intensity, frequency and duration have increased around the world and these changes are occurring rapidly.

Time is running out & we’re still falling short: Obama at COP 26 summit

The former President of The United States Barack Obama addressed the COP 26 summit in a repentant mood and urged the world leaders to take action now. “The world has to step up now”, he said.

A massive wildfire broke out in Southern France amidst scorching heatwaves

The forest area of Ardèche in south-eastern France is under fire and the temperature levels are touching a record high in the region. More than 500 firefighters have been deployed to control the fire that has destroyed 900 hectares of pine forest in southern France. As per the officials, a safe evacuation of the local residents was done before the escalation.

California wildfires burned down 4500 acres of land to ashes

California is witnessing a severe wildfire that has increased temperatures in the region as the mercury is hovering between 37 to 47 degrees Celsius. The forest fire has spread across the southern area and has burned about 4500 acres of land to ashes.