Time is running out & we’re still falling short: Obama at COP 26 summit

The former President of The United States Barack Obama addressed the COP 26 summit in a repentant mood and urged the world leaders to take action now. “The world has to step up now”, he said.


Visiting back to the Paris summit & while highlighting the current circumstances of the global climate crisis Obama said, “ Meaningful progress has been made since Paris and we need to take steps if we want to keep doing big things. Because when it comes to climate, time really is running out.”

The former president said that the world has not done nearly enough to address the crisis collectively and individually. “We are still falling short, We are going to have to do more,” he added.

Adding to the concern that many countries weren’t loyal enough to meet the Paris agreement Obama said, “Despite the progress that Paris represented, most countries have failed to meet the action plans that they set six years ago. The consequences of not moving fast enough are becoming more apparent all the time. Last month, a study found that 85% of the global population has experienced weather events that were more severe because of climate change, stronger storms, longer heat waves, more intense flooding, crippling droughts.”

Barack Obama’s speech came with the COP26 summit reached in the second week with the world witnessing major commitments from several nations while thousands protested on Glasgow street against the summit led by the climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Source: rev

Photo Credits: UN Climate change