Apocalyptic heatwave conditions breaking records in Europe

The European nations such as the UK, Spain, and Italy are witnessing heatwave conditions like never before as the temperature skyrocketed above 40 degrees Celsius on the continent. According to the BNO news, about 1000 people have succumbed to death in Portugal and Spain due to the deadly weather conditions.


Portugal on Thursday recorded the highest ever temperature 47 degrees celsius and Bilbao city located in northern Spain recorded 42 degrees celsius. Climate experts are blaming the impacts of climate change and citing the increase in the average temperature by about 2 degrees than usual is creating havoc in the region. They also highlighted the spike in the GHG emissions that are responsible for trapping heat in the atmosphere and originating heatwaves like never before.

The climate experts expressed their concern over the ongoing catastrophe and predicted that this weather condition could prevail for about 20 more days. Tyler Ross, Senior Meteorologist at AccuWeather highlighted that the heatwave conditions will affect many locations such as Portugal, central France and interior southeast Europe. “Heatwave could last for the rest of July and continue into August," he added.