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Food production and carbon footprint

Have you ever wondered whether a single slice of bread with the appetizing scrambled eggs you have in the breakfast is adding to the greenhouse gas emissions or the variety of food items sitting in your refrigerator is somehow contributing towards increasing the levels of global warming?

Unilever’s Knorr to introduce climate-friendly pizza

Knorr, one of the leading food & beverages brand offering ready to made spice-blend, soup mix and meal-kit has now announced to deliver free planet-friendlier pizzas called ‘plizzas’ in select cities of America.

Making Concrete and Steel Greener

Concrete is the second most used commodity in the world, water comes first. From skyscrapers, roads to bridges, concrete also has one of the most carbon-intensive manufacturing processes. It is made by heating limestone and melting it. Not only does heating emit lots of carbon dioxide, but the chemical process also releases a lot of carbon dioxide. Steel is also one of the most important modern materials which is responsible for lots of carbon emissions.

NATO commits to cut 45% Co2 emissions from the defence sector by 2030

Amidst the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, NATO nations committed to reducing the civilian and military carbon emissions by 43% by 2030. The statement was given by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at the NATO summit held in Madrid, Spain.

Scientists developed eco-friendly Green cement to lower the carbon footprint

Industrial development has significantly contributed a lot to increasing pollution and the pollution emanating from them is very dangerous. In view of this, Navratna Green Cement Industries Private Limited (NGCIPL) has come up with Green Crete. The newly developed green cement has the qualities of being a border-free building material apart from being a zero-carbon emission product.

Even if we realize the zero-carbon target tomorrow, there is no going back and ‘Our present state will be NEW NORMAL’: Prof. K AchutaRao

Mayank Mishra (Green Planet Portal) held a candid discussion with Prof. K AchutaRao, lead author of Chapter-3 titled, ‘Climate Information for Risk Assessment and Regional Adaptation’, in the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of Working Group 1 of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Prof. K AchutaRao candidly spoke on different dimensions of concern related to climate change, its impact, and the way ahead.

Tata IPL: A Carbon Neutral Cricket Match

On 11th of May, the Tata IPL match between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals will be the first carbon neutral cricket match. Schneider Electric in partnership with Rajasthan Royals announced that they will offset the carbon emissions from the match by planting 17,000 trees in the next six months so the trees suck equivalent amount of carbon by the year 2052 as the cricket match would have resulted in

Deforestation hit a six-year high in the Amazon forest, reveals a new report

A new report published by the National space agency, INPE highlighted that the deforestation scale reached the highest mark in the last six years in the Amazon forest.

Apocalyptic heatwave conditions breaking records in Europe

The European nations such as the UK, Spain, and Italy are witnessing heatwave conditions like never before as the temperature skyrocketed above 40 degrees Celsius on the continent. According to the BNO news, about 1000 people have succumbed to death in Portugal and Spain due to the deadly weather conditions.

PM Modi is expected to launch a national carbon trading platform on 15th August

A report published by the Mint revealed that PM Modi is expected to launch a national carbon trading platform on 15th August 2022. India has been dedicated to mitigating climate change and escalating to achieve the climate action targets set in the recent past. India has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2070 and the launch of the carbon trading platform will help in moving forward.

The Carbon Cost of Binge Watching

With the whole world locked down inside their homes for the past two years, video streaming services have seen a boom in their growth like never before. More people are engaged with their phones to watch video content not only for entertainment purposes but also because they have to attend meetings and watch lectures. A whole industry has evolved behind this habit of binging video content that keeps out pumping episodes and movies every week. Does this rapid growth in the streaming industry and the resultant surge caused in the energy consumption match with the growth in the sustainable energy sources? Is the whole system of ever awake data storage centers and networks, high speed cellular connectivity and the ability to reliably stream literally anything anytime, energy intense enough to move the needle on carbon emissions?

Climate Sustainable Smart Furnitures

It is globally being reported, since the early 2000s that nearly 40% of the planet’s carbon dioxide emission is being accounted by the construction industry. Moreover, we have constantly being underestimating the role of interiors into this percentage.

Climate change impacts on real estate industry

Climate change is influencing every facet of life- right from our diets to our ability to survive natural disasters. Until now, the real estate sector was lacking the pace to address the gravity of climate change consequences on properties and markets. However, over the past two decades higher global temperatures and more frequently occurring natural disasters have led monstrous effects on residential as well as commercial properties.

Solar Shingles & Their Scope In India

A rapid surge in demand for electricity is putting pressure on the current sources of energy, and there is a need for more growth of renewable sources.

'Crockery bank'- a women-led initiative to conserve environment

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) report of 2018-19 stated that 3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic waste was produced in India in 2018-19 and has only increased since then. Sameera Satija (48), a Gurugram-based woman, named Sameera Satija (48), has come up with a solution to curb the problem. She shared that despite the noble intent behind bhandaras (community feasts) in the city, plastic utensil waste adds to the avoidable environmental pollution. She added that Styrofoam and plastic tableware choke water bodies and drains and has also witnessed animals choking on discarded tableware while searching for food.

Uzbekistan to allow bitcoin mining using solar energy

Uzbekistan has reported that it will allow the companies to mine cryptocurrencies using solar energy. As per the official statement released by the presidential house, the foreign and domestic crypto companies will be supported by exempting them from the income tax.

Few Voluntary Takers For Renewable Energy Certificate

Renewable Energy Certificates(REC) worth 9,000 crores have been sold since a decade ago, a report shows that there are very few voluntary takers of renewable energy certificates.

Petroleum Crunch In The US

When Joe Biden became the president of the US, he promised that he’ll slowly move the United States away from fossil fuel dependence. It was a good step for both environmental and political reasons, especially coming after a president who pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

How can India leverage carbon market to meet climate goals?

India, with momentum in its favour, is leveraging every instrument available to pursue a low-carbon path. The latest one being the establishment of carbon credit markets, as per the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022, which the Lok Sabha passed on August 8.

High Court’s furious remarks on Delhi pollution, says we cannot close our eyes to the truth

The Delhi High Court on Monday made some scathing remarks while taking a tough stand on the situation of pollution in the national capital. The Delhi High Court said it cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the air quality in the national capital is oscillating between 'very poor' and 'severe'. The court noted that the air quality was 'severe' during the past few weeks and has moved into the 'very poor' category with marginal improvement. This has not happened due to government efforts. The improvement that is being seen at present is due to the high-speed winds.