Tata IPL: A Carbon Neutral Cricket Match

On 11th of May, the Tata IPL match between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals will be the first carbon neutral cricket match. Schneider Electric in partnership with Rajasthan Royals announced that they will offset the carbon emissions from the match by planting 17,000 trees in the next six months so the trees suck equivalent amount of carbon by the year 2052 as the cricket match would have resulted in


The move is a part of the ‘Green Yodha’ initiative from Schneider Electric that aims to build a team of individuals, organizations and businesses that help fight climate change. To make a cricket match carbon neutral the company will take into account the traveling emission by cricketers, hotel stays, stadium lights etc. 

One cricket match emits as much carbon dioxide as 20 lakh houses do in a day which is about 10,000 tonnes, that is a huge number in a country like India where lots of people don’t have access to electricity. Schneider Electric thinks cricket can be a game changer because of its popularity among Indians.