Deforestation hit a six-year high in the Amazon forest, reveals a new report

A new report published by the National space agency, INPE highlighted that the deforestation scale reached the highest mark in the last six years in the Amazon forest.


The world’s largest rainforest’s 3,988 square kilometres of green cover was vacated between January and June and last year about 3,088 square kilometres of land were cleared, the report mentioned.

The Amazon forest is the world’s largest rainforest and has a massive green cover that plays a significant role in Earth’s oxygen and carbon dioxide cycles. The tree population in the region has the ability to capture large amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Brazil's government and the environment ministry have announced in the past that they have been employing climate action strategies to curb the negative environmental crimes but the recent study highlights the failure of the state in limiting the deforestation in the Amazon forest.