'Crockery bank'- a women-led initiative to conserve environment

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) report of 2018-19 stated that 3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic waste was produced in India in 2018-19 and has only increased since then. Sameera Satija (48), a Gurugram-based woman, named Sameera Satija (48), has come up with a solution to curb the problem. She shared that despite the noble intent behind bhandaras (community feasts) in the city, plastic utensil waste adds to the avoidable environmental pollution. She added that Styrofoam and plastic tableware choke water bodies and drains and has also witnessed animals choking on discarded tableware while searching for food.


It was in 2018, during her endeavors to find a solution, Satija bought 200 glasses, and distributed them among three groups who were serving water and by the end of the day there was absolutely no garbage generated since they would constantly wash the glasses to serve water the next time. Inspired by it, Satija started ‘Crockery Bank For Everyone’. It’s a free-for-all utensil bank to borrow steel utensils for parties, ceremonies, and community events. Contacting through their Facebook page, communities can borrow utensils from this group for free, and return it after washing. Such community efforts will contribute to a larger positive change in the long run.