Bengaluru boy launches E-waste management initiative

In a unique attempt to manage the E-waste a class XI student from Bangalore has started an initiative to collect and recycle the old and obsolete electrical gadgets. Pranav Goyal from the International School, Bangalore has formed REwaste backed by the Future Leaders programme of 1m1b Foundation. 1 Million For 1 Billion (1M1B), is a social innovation and future skills initiative aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


REwaste is collecting and recycling the electrical waste and also refurbishing the electronic gadgets such as laptops. Pranav is also focused on helping the community as the refurbished laptops are sent to underprivileged children who can’t afford to buy new laptops. They have distributed 7 laptops till now in three orphanages. The startup has managed to pull off two E-waste collection drives in 700 apartments and 500 villas and collected around 100 kg of e-waste. This was further sent to an authorised e-waste recycler. 

Pranav highlighted that the aim of this initiative is to highlight the negative impact of technology that is e-waste and the need to dispose of and recycle it responsibly. He also mentioned that through these collection drives he is trying to spread awareness about the e-waste and various facets related to it.