Delhi records the lowest AQI levels in July in the last 5 years

The data of the Central Pollution Control Board highlights that the air in Delhi is the cleanest after 2016 in the month of July this year. According to the CPCB, the AQI in Delhi was in the 'moderate' category for five days in July this year. On the other hand, not a single AQI has reached the 'poor or very poor' category so far this month.


CPCB data indicates that the lowest AQI of this month was recorded at 61 in the medium category last Sunday. On Thursday, Delhi's overall AQI was recorded at 70. Apart from this, 221.7 mm of rain has been recorded in Delhi's base station Safdarjung so far in July. However, some stations recorded intermittent rain, which has reduced pollution while parts of Delhi received heavy rains twice in July.

Anumita Roy Chowdhury, executive director of the Center for Science and Environment, says that due to the scorching heat this year, the amount of dust in the air pollution was high. Meanwhile, the rains in July have cleared the air.