E-Waste Management Market to Exceed USD 153.16 Billion by 2030,

The E-Waste Management Market is estimated to reach USD 153.16 billion by 2030, owing to the widespread use of electronic devices in both developed and emerging nations, as well as rising urbanisation and industrialization.


The demand for effective e-waste management solutions is being driven by increased health concerns about inappropriate disposal and the presence of precious metals in electronic garbage. The replacement of older electronic items with newer models, driven by consumer preferences and technological improvements, is boosting market growth. Government initiatives around the world, as well as rules requiring electronic device makers to embrace environmentally friendly disposal techniques, help to drive market growth.

E-waste disposal has developed as a serious environmental issue due to the incorrect management of dangerous compounds found in electronic equipment, resulting in soil and groundwater contamination. However, increased consumer awareness and government measures supporting the reuse and refurbishment of electrical and electronic materials are projected to boost the e-waste management market. This market study profiles key players such as RecycleSmart Solutions, Ecube Labs Co. Ltd., Enevo, IBM, Veolia, Tes, Capital Environment Holdings Limited, Eniro-Hub Holdings Ltd., Titanics Technologies Limited, and Semibcorp Environmental Management.

The metal category dominated the market in 2022, owing to the high concentration of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum in electronic scrap, which makes recycling economically feasible. In 2022, the consumer electronics category contributed the most to the e-waste management market, owing to the growing adoption of electronic gadgets around the world.

The Asia-Pacific region is leading the e-waste management market due to fast industrialization, increased electronic device penetration, and rigorous government policies promoting sustainable practices. Recent advancements include cooperation with ERI and Redrock Environmental Group, the launch of the OneDrum battery collection solution, and TES' acquisition of SK ecoplant.