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Endangered lesser florican rescued in Maharashtra’s Solapur

A lesser Florican, related to the endangered species of bustard, was saved by the forest department in Solapur Maharashtra. The species is endemic to India and less than 270 of it are estimated to be alive in the wild.

Environment Ministry to identify elephant corridors across country

To tackle the rising number of human-elephant incidents, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has taken up the crucial task of identifying and securing the elephant corridors in the country. The hotspots are nothing but the safe passage facilitated for the species to freely cross between from one of their habitats to another.

India ships first ‘made in India’ hydrogen electrolyzer to America

Renewable energy startup, Ohmium International through its Indian subsidiary has shipped the first unit of the hydrogen electrolyzer manufactured in the Bengaluru plant to America. The company referred to this as the first step towards establishing India as a global hub for green hydrogen generation.

Swachh Survekshan 2021 survey

On 26th November, President Ram Nath Kovind gave away the Swachh Survekshan awards and the cleanest city was bagged by Indore fifth time in a row. The second position was won by Surat in Gujarat and was also second last year. The third and fourth cleanest cities were Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai respectively.

E-waste Management: A Necessity of Contemporary Times to Reduce Carbon Footprint.

E-waste is a growing concern & its management by recycling & reduction is critical. Government policies & laws are needed to make e-waste management a norm.

Karnataka based startup manufactures eco-friendly paper from the textile industry waste

In a unique attempt to minimise the deforestation in the paper manufacturing industry a Karnataka based startup is making eco-friendly paper made out of industrial and agro-waste. Kavya Madappa, the owner of Bluecat Paper mentioned that in her eco-friendly journey, she has managed to save about 30,000 litres of water daily and 30 tonnes of wood per month.

Appropriate management of E-waste from hospitals is necessary: NGT Chairman

Pritam Pal, a former High Court judge and chairman of the Monitoring Committee constituted by the National Green Authority (NGT), addressed the officers of various departments at the Mini Secretariat on Tuesday. He said that proper management of e-waste is necessary along with municipal waste from poultry farms, and biomedical waste from hospitals.

4th Waste-to-energy in Delhi plant to be operational soon

Delhi will be launching its 4th waste-to-energy plant

Ahead of COP27, Cairo attempts to shed the tag as one of the world’s most polluted cities

Cairo has long been ranked as one of the world’s most polluted cities due to its poor air and water quality, congested traffic, and long-standing waste management issues.

Ahead of COP27, Cairo attempts to shed the tag as one of the world’s most polluted cities

Ahead of COP27, Cairo attempts to shed the tag as one of the world’s most polluted cities. As Egypt prepares to host the COP27 climate change conference city of Sharm El Sheikh in November, its capital Cairo is likely to be in the limelight as well.

Hulladek Recycling E-Waste Colouring Book One-Of-A-Kind

Children from Little Flower School, Kerala Samajan Model School, and ADL Sunshine School in Jamshedpur received a one-of-a-kind E-waste Coloring Book from Hulladek Recycling Pvt Ltd, Eastern India's fastest-growing e-waste management company.

Yamunanagar Zone II Door-to-Door Waste Collection Begins

The Municipal Corporation of Yamunanagar-Jagadhri (MCYJ) has begun the operation of door-to-door waste collection in zone II after beginning it in zone I. The project intends to improve the hygienic conditions of Yamunanagar and Jagadhri, two twin cities.

Indore's e-waste generation to spike by 18% in 2023

In the fiscal year 2023, which ends in March, 325-350 tonnes of e-waste is scheduled to be disposed of and recycled, up more than 18% from the previous year, owing to an increase in disposal from workplaces, businesses, and families.

Kia India launches two initiatives to combat climate change

To make an effect at the grassroots level, Kia has begun on-the-ground execution of its two national community programmes, DROP (Develop Responsible Outreach for Plastic) and Uphaar. The two programmes are consistent with Kia's worldwide CSR objective of a "clean environment" and a "free and safe movement" for a more sustainable future.

67% of e-waste generated in India remains unprocessed

According to the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change data, India recycled just 32.9 percent of the e-waste created in 2021-2022. While the amount is higher than in past years, it still shows that an astounding 10,74,024 tonnes (67%) of e-waste went unprocessed.

Consumerism and E-Waste: How Our Choices Impact The Environment

Our world is fast becoming digital, and electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives. There is no denying the fact that technology has revolutionized the world. From smartphones and laptops to washing machines and dishwashers, these devices have made our lives more efficient and comfortable. We eagerly wait for the latest release of our favourite gadgets, rushing to sell off our old ones for the latest model. But do you know the amount of e-waste generated from this constant upgrading of gadgets, and keeping up with the latest trends and advancements?

From Consumption to Disposal: Unravelling the E-Waste Challenges in Developing Countries

Have you ever taken a moment to count the number of old mobile phones tucked away in a drawer at your house? It's a common habit for many of us to either accumulate or dispose of old electrical products instead of repairing them, resulting in a rapidly increasing pile of electronic waste.

"UK Construction Annual Waste Report Exposes Rampant Non-Compliance and Urges Industry Transformation"

A groundbreaking Construction Annual Waste Report has exposed widespread non-compliance issues within the UK building sector. Drawing from a comprehensive analysis of 90,000 data points, the report sheds light on the alarming prevalence of regulatory violations and deficient information management.

Coca-Cola Tops Plastic Pollution List Amidst Extended Producer Responsibility Delay

Coca-Cola, the US-based beverage giant, finds itself in the spotlight yet again for its substantial contribution to global pollution, coinciding with delays in the UK's efforts to hold corporations accountable for their environmental impact. The Surfers Against Sewage Brand Audit Report has revealed that Coca-Cola is responsible for nearly 20% of all branded pollution collected during organized clean-up efforts in the UK over the past year. This disheartening statistic persists despite the company's newly launched environmental initiatives aimed at addressing its ecological footprint.