India ships first ‘made in India’ hydrogen electrolyzer to America

Renewable energy startup, Ohmium International through its Indian subsidiary has shipped the first unit of the hydrogen electrolyzer manufactured in the Bengaluru plant to America. The company referred to this as the first step towards establishing India as a global hub for green hydrogen generation.


Green hydrogen is a key component in achieving India’s commitment to reach net-zero. The development is in alignment with the recent climate action goals that are announced by PM Modi at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The current state of the entire hydrogen production is done from fossil fuels and India aims to alter the same.

Ahmad Chatila, Chairman of Ohmium International highlighted the sustainable targets of the company and said, "We are seeing significant activity in India and around the world in green hydrogen projects and we are confident of Green Hydrogen as the fuel of the future owing to its enormous potential, numerous applications across sectors and a zero-carbon footprint.”