Indore's e-waste generation to spike by 18% in 2023

In the fiscal year 2023, which ends in March, 325-350 tonnes of e-waste is scheduled to be disposed of and recycled, up more than 18% from the previous year, owing to an increase in disposal from workplaces, businesses, and families.

The Madhya Pradesh police are also considering how to dispose of legacy e-waste from their offices and godowns that have accumulated over time. According to an e-waste recycler registered with the environmental control board in Indore, around 275 tonnes of e-waste entered the disposal site in the fiscal year 2022.

"This year we are anticipating some jump in the collection of e-waste in Indore, though the numbers would not be able to meet the desired levels, but an increase in disposal from offices, government departments, and households is expected to lift recycling this year," said Fazal Husain, a registered e-waste recycler with the pollution control board from Indore.

According to specialists and environmentalists, an estimated 4,000 tonnes of e-waste is created in Indore each year, with the majority of e-waste going to the unorganized sector, which extracts metals and other precious things using improper techniques.

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