Government to provide 60% subsidy on Bamboo cultivation

Government is promoting bamboo cultivation. Experts are calling bamboo ‘green gold’ for the farmers as bamboo farming is one of the most profitable crops. The specialty that bamboo crop hold is that it does not get spoiled in any season and hence does not require any special maintenance.


Farmers can plant 625 saplings in one hectare, and they can buy bamboo plants from government nurseries. Bamboo cultivation is also expected to play a major role in crop diversification.

Agriculture expert Binod Anand said bamboo cultivation may help increase the income of farmers. There are about 136 species of bamboo known. The total expenditure of bamboo cultivation is around Rs 240 per plant and farmers are being given a subsidy of Rs 120- Rs 140 per plant, an officer under the State Bamboo Mission stated.

Under the National Bamboo Mission, bamboo growers are estimated to get a 60% subsidy.