In Lieu Of Your E-Waste, Plant A Tree

Lions Clubs India presents a game-changing option to sustainably recycle your device and protect the environment through the e-waste campaign


To lessen the impact on the environment and stop toxic materials from ending up in landfills, it is intended to collect electronic waste, such as old smartphones, computers, and TVs. A tree will be planted in lieu of your donation.

Recycle E-Waste Properly

The international vice president of Lions International, Lion A. P. Singh, launched this awareness campaign from January 13 to February 13 simultaneously around the world in recognition of the seriousness of e-waste. Under the direction of Lions International Coordinator PID Sangeeta Jatiya, the largest e-waste collection campaign in history has begun to experience unexpected success.

Komal Shendkar's public relations office is located at 59/3 Azadnagar, opposite Kroot Memorial School in Wanowrie. She and Sameer Shendkar, the vice president of the Parivar Foundation and the BJP's Pune city secretary, have established an e-waste collection center nearby. Up until February 12th, the center was open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Households and individuals are urged to bring their outdated electronics to designated drop-off locations. Transportation plans are being made. E-certificates are immediately given to e-waste donors through QR codes. Hindustan E-Waste Management Pvt Ltd has been hired at the national level to properly dispose of or recycle e-waste.