Indore's Solar Revolution for Sustainable Urban Development

Indore has made major progress towards harnessing solar energy, and Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargav feels the city has the potential to become a national model for sustainable development.


The Mayor convened a meeting in the City Bus Office to discuss transforming Indore into a Solar City. This idea originates from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Solar Uday Yojana, which intends to install solar panels in one crore houses across the country.

During the meeting, officials such as Indore Smart City CEO Divyank Singh and technical secretary Sachin Talware discussed the solar system project. Mayor Bhargav highlighted the necessity of raising understanding and collaborating with community organisations to achieve their larger goal. After the meeting, Mayor Bhargav told the reporters, "Indore is committed to become a Solar City, as per our successful Prime Minister's vision. In the first phase, we intend to construct solar systems in all 22 zones, which encompass 22 colonies. Then, in the second phase, one colony from each of the 85 wards will receive solar systems.

Mayor Bhargav stated that the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has already installed solar systems in his residence, setting an example for others. He also announced plans for a large awareness campaign, which will involve authorities going door to door and collaborating with local organisations. Mayor Bhargav directed officials to establish clear goals for installing solar systems and to work with other organisations to gain support for making Indore a Solar City.