PM Modi invites new ideas for e-waste management & circular economy

While addressing a post-budget webinar titled 'technology-enabled-development’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited new and innovative solutions from the Information & Technology and electronic sector for the management of e-waste, circular economy & electric mobility.


PM Modi highlighted the need to identify “innovative ways to handle e-waste with the help of technology to take forward the Swachh Bharat Mission”. He urged the IT & electronic sector to focus on the local solutions to boost up the nation’s e-waste management & circular economy "I urge you all to focus on the circular economy, e-waste management and electric mobility solutions during this webinar. The government of India seeks ideas from the IT and Electronics sector on these aspects," he said. 

PM Modi emphasized the self-reliant motive and stated that “science is universal but technology should be local”. Science and technology is not an isolated sector as it is closely connected with the digital economy and is based on advanced technology, which is now focusing on fast delivery and empowering citizens", he added.