Refurbish industry can be the supplementary solution to the E-Waste problem in India

The Refurbish industry is seen as a lucrative way to achieve a circular economy. It creates business opportunities at the recycling stage, before the electronic goods reach their eventuality.


With the growing need to digitize learning, private, and government frameworks, e-waste is edging precariously towards becoming as harmful and unmanageable as the use of plastic. 

With an assessed 2,000,000 tons of yearly generation, and increasing at a rate of 30 percent, we need more diverse solutions. The refurbish industry can solve the recycling issue of E-waste. Currently, people update their mobile devices and gadgets much faster, and most of them which end up as E-waste are not even in their end-of-life condition. Hence the refurbishing will reduce the absolute number of gadgets reaching the disposing state. The goal of a circular economy is to decrease the actual waste to a base and keep valuable assets inside a circle and keep them accessible for repeated usage. Refurbished items are also reduced in their prices, which creates more demand among middle and low-income users. An efficient circular economy, stops equipment stacking up and ensures that all gadgets or materials are put to use.