38 Districts in Tamil Nadu To Have Climate Change Missions

Tamil Nadu government has climate change missions for 38 districts in the state. It will help the government’s climate action efforts at the grass root level.


Tamil Nadu government’s climate action plan will be led by Collectors who will be mission directors and District Forest Officers will function as Climate Officers. The mission will help the government in implementing policies in a ground-up manner while pushing small businesses towards more sustainable ways of operating. Educating people and spreading awareness in communities will be easier, also alternate ways of electricity generation and the use of biodegradable materials will be encouraged. ₹3.8 crores have been sanctioned for the Tamil Nadu Climate Change Mission and Tamil Nadu Green Climate Company.

Collectors will have the duty of preparing district-level climate action plans which will include the campaign against single-use plastic. They will also work towards strengthening Climate Smart Villages and create bio-shields in the coastal areas.